you lay waste to the world & everything in it.

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'and then i realised adventure was the best way to learn' I'm not sure who wrote this though, it didn't come with a signature or name anywhere around it
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1. I found a syringe under your bathroom sink and I fit it into the crook of your neck and tried to suck the sadness out of your throat but it overflowed and flooded the bathroom and swallowed us both alive. I know everything hurts but I saw you smile twice today. Maybe things will work out.

2. You built a house out of the bad thoughts rushing through your head and I tried to burn it down but you got caught in the flames. If it’s any consolation, I like the way you look with the tips of your hair singed off. I’m sorry your mother won’t.

3. I know I wake up screaming in the middle of the night. I’m sorry I make your head hurt. From the moment I met you I wanted you to be okay. Please be okay. I’ll quit smoking if you’ll stay.

4. I ignored you for 4 days last week because I’m scared. Because you’re everything. Fuck. You’re everything. Every stitch lacing up the holes in my skin, everything stopping me from cutting open any more. Every drop of rain hitting my cheeks so hard that the tears blur away. Everything bright in the galaxy. Everything that makes the world beautiful. Oh god it’s so beautiful when you’re around. I don’t know how to love someone with all of me because a lot of parts are missing but jesus fuck I love you with all of me and more.

5. I’ve got a terrible sense of direction. I could get lost 2 streets away from home. I will always find my way back to you.

6. Can kissing stop open wounds from bleeding?

7. I want my legs intertwined with yours so tightly that we couldn’t untangle ourselves if we wanted to. I hope you never want to.

" — Okay I know things are fucked but you’re still the only person I want to fall asleep next to.  (via extrasad)

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